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Keep an eye on your business, home and valuables 24 hours a day.

As property crime rates climb around the country CCTV cameras are becoming an important part of home and commercial security systems in New Zealand. Online Solutions specialise in professional surveillance cameras to help homes and businesses feel more secure and be more aware of what happens around their businesses. Reduce break ins, external theft and in house theft while improving employee and customer safety in your workplace.

By partnering up with FreePBX we can offer a phone system that can run in the cloud or on-site, can be customised and adapted to suit your business, and can be used to manage the communication requirements of all sizes and types of business environments.


With VoIP Phone systems we can replace your old phone lines in just a few minutes and start saving you money every month.

We can set up your telephone services using your high-speed internet connection, eliminating the need for a traditional phone line service and the traditional prices that come with it!

We can implement and manage phone systems for Small and Home Office businesses right through to Multi-location corporations and Call centers.

Affordability – The cost of using VoIP is much cheaper than using conventional phone systems as there are no extra charges for extra lines and or add ons like call waiting, transferring calls and call redirection. 

Portability – With VoIP no matter where you are traveling to, as long as you have a high speed Internet connection, you are able to make and receive phone calls to and from your same number.

Flexibility – VoIP systems can be configured to recieve your calls on multiple devices, have multiple calls at once, make conference calls and transfer calls around your office easily.

Functionality – Not only does VoIP have the full features of a conventional phone line VoIP also allows you to conduct video conferences through your VoIP system so you can attend important meetings in the home office when unable to be there.

Company Image –  You can use VoIP services to easily send a message about your company’s identity. Showcasing the higher level of service many associate with a smaller firm, or the professional big corporate image for those who prefer to deal with “Big-Business”.

Target clientelle –  Voip Phone systems can be set up with call priorities so calls are taken in the order you wish them to be. Are there certain categories of clients or requests that you want to prioritize above others?


Our GPS Trackers work on the cell network utilising GPS satellites, it can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP and Internet. It adopts the most advanced technology for GPS and AGPS dual positioning.

Real time tracking – as it moves its location is updated on the device you are using.
Tracking History – view previous routes
GEO fence – set a “fence” so that if your device moves out of the area you will be notified

The information provided shows your set device name, device number and location of device.
You are also able to find all received messages, such as SOS, offline alarm, lower power alert, fence alarm and even information showing surrounding public areas like parking,
restaurants, gas stations, banks, hotels etc.
One account can monitor several devices so you can keep track of your car, boat, trailer, animals, key’s and even children all at once!

About Us

Online Solutions strive to find the best way to help your business stay relevant, up-to-date, efficient and growing in todays fast paced business environment.

We want to help small, medium and large businesses reach their customers in a way that is right for them and in a way that gives their customers a reason to reccomend their services to others.

Online Solutions provide VOIP phone systems, Surveillance systems and Tracking devices for small and large businesses throughout the Bay of Plenty.

With our VOIP phone systems we ensure that you you keep in contact with your clients effectively and that your phone system helps to showcase your business in a way that is desireable for your clients and keeps in with your business profile.

From large companies with many extensions to simple one line phone systems we can help your phone system give your clients the impression you want. Whether professionalism and a large company image is what your after or a small intimate company, we can provide the solution that works best for you!

We also provide Surveillance cameras and Tracking devices to help keep your workplace and buildings more secure. We can provide options for internal and external surveillance. All feeds and tracking information is fully accessible from multiple devices. Allowing you to keep an eye on your premises and track your business assets whenever you like. Alerts can be set up to alert you whenever there is any unusual activity at your locations or when your assets are on the move.

Online Solutions provide solutions to not only keep your business in contact but also security conscious.

Call today to discuss your business and what we can do for you!

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